WDS 15318+4054 KZA 97AB,D : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
A 1634 nu 2 Boo = 53 Boo. An example of adequate resolution provided only by
1921.400: This observation is highly uncertain. Mrr1922
Omega for Baize (1985) solution corrected from 47.5 to 227.5 Baz1985b
degrees. Ruy1995
1985.2002, 1985.2494: These two measurements are not precise because
this interferometric binary is only marginally resolved with a 2-m
telescope. Estimates of rho and theta are deduced from the elongation
of the central peak in the autocorrelation. Bnu1986
AB: Malkov et al. (2012) derive dynamical, photometric, and
spectroscopic masses 4.82 +/- 1.34, 6.07, and 1.82 Msun, respectively. Mlk2012
refcode metd author reference
Baz1985b orb - Baize, P. 1985A&AS...60..333B
Baz1985b A&AS 60, 333, 1985
Bnu1986 S j Bonneau, D., Balega, Y., Blazit, A, Foy, R., Vakili, F., & Vidal, J.L. 1986A&AS...65...27B
Bnu1986 A&AS 65, 27, 1986
Mlk2012 not - Malkov, O.Yu., Tamazian, V.S., Docobo, J.A., & Chulkov, D.A. 2012A&A...546A..69M
Mlk2012 A&A 546, A69, 2012
Mrr1922 Jm j Merrill, P.W. 1922ApJ....56...40M
Mrr1922 +orb ApJ 56, 40, 1922
Ruy1995 orb - Ruymaekers, G. & Nys, O. 1995IAUDS.126....1R
Ruy1995 Inf. Circ. 126, 1, 1995
discov author
KZA Kazeza, S.M.