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The Double Star Database contains:

154333 records from the WDS catalog (Release 2021-08-20)
3352 records from the ORBIT6 catalog with 2886 matches (Release 2021-08-20)
32147 records matched to HIPPARCOS catalog
100086 records matched to Tycho-2
54454 records matched to SAO catalog
139155 records matched to Gaia DR2
9110 records from the Bright Star Catalogue - Harvard Revised (HR) catalog
183 common star names
139 double star reports (126 distinct doubles)
376 measured

If you're a newcomer, you could ask yourself: and now what I have to do?
Ok, don't panic. First, click on the Database tab and look at the left vertical bar: I prepared ready-to-use double star selections for you. Just click on the names, for example the most populars doubles list or the three stars systems list
Next, I suggest to register yourself choosing a username and password: once you're logged in, use the Setup tab to setup your site's preferences.
Remember to input your telescope's diameter (aperture): by means of the Dawes formula I can calculate the minimum separation between two stars permitted by your instrument, so you can filter out doubles too close to be seen.
Have fun.


This site is maintained during my spare time.
If you find it useful and you want to contribute, you can make a welcomed donation.

StelleDoppie version 2.7

[new] a new tab Components was added, to show single star component
      data, infos and catalogs.
[new] double entry table with distances and position angles
      between components
[upd] Cartes du Ciel catalogs DSD, DSDv, DSDm
[fix] some virtual eyepiece could not be calculated because a
      component was missing
[fix] infrared band warning

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