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Stelle Doppie contains:

155585 records from the WDS catalog (Release 2023-08-11)
3579 records from the ORBIT6 catalog with 2988 matches and 322 suspected (Release 2023-08-11)
30279 records matched to HIPPARCOS catalog
96191 records matched to Tycho-2
47569 records matched to Henry Draper (HD) catalog
6568 records matched to Harvard Revised (HR) catalog
35950 records matched to SAO catalog
136439 records matched to Gaia DR2
289 common star names
405 double star reports (363 distinct doubles)
519 measured

If you're a newcomer, you could ask yourself: and now what I have to do?
Ok, don't panic. First, click on the Database tab and look at the left vertical bar: I prepared ready-to-use double star selections for you. Just click on the names, for example the most populars doubles list or the three stars systems list
Next, I suggest to register yourself choosing a username and password: once you're logged in, use the Setup tab to setup your site's preferences.
Remember to input your telescope's diameter (aperture): by means of the Dawes formula I can calculate the minimum separation between two stars permitted by your instrument, so you can filter out doubles too close to be seen.
Have fun!


This site is maintained during my spare time.
If you find it useful and you want to contribute, you can make a welcomed donation.

StelleDoppie version 3.0

This major release is due to heavy modifications of the internal procedures.

[upd] PHP 8.1 compliant
[fix] total ok and ko in workbench import list where off
[fix] many common names not found (ie. Theta 1 Orionis)
[fix] many doubles where assigned to incorrect constellation
[fix] Xi scorpii is not Grafias (thank you, Vincenzo)
[upd] dawes limit from 120 to 116
[new] in Misc tab, added JD to date calculation
[upd] shared lists cannot be named "default"
[upd] improved search of objects in list import
[new] improved search, ie. DM number
[mod] ALTERNATIVE display list now contains bayer and flamsteed column
[upd] WDS History Data section was moved into Notes tab
[upd] external libraries upgraded to latest version
[fix] left bar ware overimposed to Aladin image when expanted to the max sceen size
[new] used official IAU names for stars
[mod] calc_delta_mag is referred to the primary star A not the sum of two components 
[mod] removed the blank left margin when printing
[mod] sep_last and pa_last take their data to wds precise file, if available
[mod] sep_now and pa_now take their data from orbit file, otherwise from precise wds
[upd] orbit6 matching more precise (400+ more doubles)
[new] a greek letter is displayed in bayer name, other than latin transliteration
[new] in the components tab it is displayed if the coordinate is calculated
[new] coord_calc showed if the coordinates from the WDS are different from calculations
[upd] visual detectable stars warns in System Components how many stars you could see
[fix] many, many, many bugs fixed

StelleDoppie version 2.8

[upd] increased the text font size to help readability
[new] description labels in input forms to improve user experience
[mod] HTML div instead of table, will help compatibility in browsers
[fix] Misc menu asked for a login, but was not necessary
[new] interactive Aladin images now displays all components name instead of primary only
[upd] searching a text now disables all filters to avoid empty results
[fix] JD math in saving a measure was incorrect
[fix] greek letter eta was $e instead of $h. Thank you Bill Tschumy
[upd] improved Bayer and Flamsteed searches
      can recognize $a, constellation code, genitives and names
[mod] another step toward security, deleting obsolete libraries
[fix] login link in the upper corner was disappeared
[mod] visual limit filter uses another formula
[fix] aligned on the same baseling normal text and bold
[upd] during printing left column in not displayed
[fix] introduced again New measure and New report 
[new] export lists in votable (!!!)
[new] My preferred lists filter in Workbench->Other Users' Lists
[new] Suggested lists filter in Workbench->Other Users' Lists
[new] introduced a limit of 20 shared lists to avoid spam
[upd] a new link points to the alternative site for data request form
[fix] bug fix ordering for wds_name
[fix] bug in some other_name due to orbit6 errata designation (ie: A 1874AB --> STFA 32AC)
[new] messages to invite people to register the site and login
[fix] Gaia DR2 number was displayed truncated (thank you Steve Stonebraker)
[fix] the number of items to display in Workbench lists was not according preferences 
[upd] Help text is normal style not all bold
[upd] other Arrakis (Mu Draconis) designations
[upd] improved SkySafari export routine, will match more doubles. Thank you Bill Tschumy

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