WDS 12266-6306 ANT 1AG : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
DUN 252 alp 1 Cru = Acrux. According to R.G. Aitken, this was discovered by A__1935f
the Jesuit missionary, Father Fontenay, at the Cape of Good Hope, in Fon1733
1685, although the triple was first measured by Dunlop and called Dun1829
DUN 123AB and DUN 122AC. Spectroscopic binary. CPM with HR 4729 and
HR 4731, so there are at least five components in the system.
Hyperbolic orbit by Hopmann (1960). Hop1960b
q = periastron distance in the true orbit = 0".916
Both A and B appear to be spectroscopic binaries with undetermined Bte1967
periods (see Batten 1967). Fin1970b
refcode metd author reference
A__1935f - Aitken, R.G. 1935QB821.A3.......
A__1935f The Binary Stars, 1935
Bte1967 - Batten, A.H. 1967PDAO...13..249B
Bte1967 Pub. DAO Victoria 13, 249, 1967
Dun1829 Ma - Dunlop, J. 1829MmRAS...3..257D
Dun1829 MemRAS 3, 257, 1829
Fin1970b - Finsen, W.S. & Worley, C.E. 1970ROCi..130..203F
Fin1970b Republic Obs. Circ. 130, 203, 1970 (Third Orbit Catalog)
Fon1733 - Fontenay, Father ...................
Fon1733 Paris, Histoire de l'Academie des Sciences avant son renouvellement en 1699, 2,
Fon1733 p 19, 1733
Hop1960b orb - Hopmann, J. 1960MiWie..10..227H
Hop1960b Mitt. Sternw. Wien 10, 227-256, 1960
discov author
ANT Anton, R.