WDS 01158-6853 I 27CD : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
HJ 3423 kap Tuc = LDS 42.
I 27 HJ 3423 and I 27, separated by 320", form the quadruple system
kap Tuc. The position of I 27 is 011501.0-684908 (2000). Sca1981a
See Baize & Petit (1989) catalog of doubles with variable component. Baz1989d
refcode metd author reference
Baz1989d - Baize, P. & Petit, M. 1989A&AS...77..497B
Baz1989d A&AS 77, 497, 1989
Sca1981a orb - Scardia, M. 1981AN....302...35S
Sca1981a AN 302, 35, 1981
Sod1999 orb - Soderhjelm, S. 1999A&A...341..121S
Sod1999 A&A 341, 121, 1999
discov author
I Innes, R.T.A.
I Innes, R.T.A. (measure by Simpkins, R.P.)
I Innes, R.T.A. (measure by Cox, G.W.)
I Innes, R.T.A. (measure by Johnson, E.L.)
I Innes, R.T.A. (measure by van der Spuy, K.)
I Innes, R.T.A. (measure by Worssell, W.M.)
I Innes, R.T.A. & van den Bos, W.H.