WDS 00304-0947 CHE 27 : NOTES
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CHE 27 This pair has opened considerably since its discovery (from 9".6 to Che1910
19"), due to the considerable proper motion of the primary. AC2000
coordinates of both components from ~1901 are in good agreement with
Chevalier measure, so identification with this pair appears probable. Hrt2012b
refcode metd author reference
Che1910 Ma j Chevalier, Stanislas & Tsang Ziang-seng .
Che1910 +Pa Shanghai Obs. Zo-Se 6, O5, 1910 (corrections are described in Hrt2012b)
Hrt2012b E2 - Hartkopf, W.I. ...................
Hrt2012b Webb Soc., Double Star Circ. 20, 2012
discov author
CHE Chevalier, Stanislas
CHE Chevalier, Stanislas & Tsang Ziang-seng