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Stelle Doppie contains:

155585 records from the WDS catalog (Release 2023-08-11)
3579 records from the ORBIT6 catalog with 3148 matches (Release 2023-08-11)
30279 records matched to HIPPARCOS catalog
96191 records matched to Tycho-2
47569 records matched to Henry Draper (HD) catalog
6568 records matched to Harvard Revised (HR) catalog
35950 records matched to SAO catalog
136439 records matched to Gaia DR2
289 common star names
352 double star reports (321 distinct doubles)
491 measured

If you're a newcomer, you could ask yourself: and now what I have to do?
Ok, don't panic. First, click on the Database tab and look at the left vertical bar: I prepared ready-to-use double star selections for you. Just click on the names, for example the most populars doubles list or the three stars systems list
Next, I suggest to register yourself choosing a username and password: once you're logged in, use the Setup tab to setup your site's preferences.
Remember to input your telescope's diameter (aperture): by means of the Dawes formula I can calculate the minimum separation between two stars permitted by your instrument, so you can filter out doubles too close to be seen.
Have fun!


This site is maintained during my spare time.
If you find it useful and you want to contribute, you can make a welcomed donation.

StelleDoppie version 3.0

This major release is due to heavy modifications of the internal procedures.

[upd] PHP 8.1 compliant
[fix] total ok and ko in workbench import list where off
[fix] many common names not found (ie. Theta 1 Orionis)
[fix] many doubles where assigned to incorrect constellation
[fix] Xi scorpii is not Grafias (thank you, Vincenzo)
[upd] dawes limit from 120 to 116
[new] in Misc tab, added JD to date calculation
[upd] shared lists cannot be named "default"
[upd] improved search of objects in list import
[new] improved search, ie. DM number
[mod] ALTERNATIVE display list now contains bayer and flamsteed column
[upd] WDS History Data section was moved into Notes tab
[upd] external libraries upgraded to latest version
[fix] left bar ware overimposed to Aladin image when expanted to the max sceen size
[new] used official IAU names for stars
[mod] calc_delta_mag is referred to the primary star A not the sum of two components 
[mod] removed the blank left margin when printing
[mod] sep_last and pa_last take their data to wds precise file, if available
[mod] sep_now and pa_now take their data from orbit file, otherwise from precise wds
[upd] orbit6 matching more precise (400+ more doubles)
[new] a greek letter is displayed in bayer name, other than latin transliteration
[new] in the components tab it is displayed if the coordinate is calculated
[new] coord_calc showed if the coordinates from the WDS are different from calculations
[upd] visual detectable stars warns in System Components how many stars you could see
[fix] many, many, many bugs fixed

StelleDoppie version 2.8

[upd] increased the text font size to help readability
[new] description labels in input forms to improve user experience
[mod] HTML div instead of table, will help compatibility in browsers
[fix] Misc menu asked for a login, but was not necessary
[new] interactive Aladin images now displays all components name instead of primary only
[upd] searching a text now disables all filters to avoid empty results
[fix] JD math in saving a measure was incorrect
[fix] greek letter eta was $e instead of $h. Thank you Bill Tschumy
[upd] improved Bayer and Flamsteed searches
      can recognize $a, constellation code, genitives and names
[mod] another step toward security, deleting obsolete libraries
[fix] login link in the upper corner was disappeared
[mod] visual limit filter uses another formula
[fix] aligned on the same baseling normal text and bold
[upd] during printing left column in not displayed
[fix] introduced again New measure and New report 
[new] export lists in votable (!!!)
[new] My preferred lists filter in Workbench->Other Users' Lists
[new] Suggested lists filter in Workbench->Other Users' Lists
[new] introduced a limit of 20 shared lists to avoid spam
[upd] a new link points to the alternative site for data request form
[fix] bug fix ordering for wds_name
[fix] bug in some other_name due to orbit6 errata designation (ie: A 1874AB --> STFA 32AC)
[new] messages to invite people to register the site and login
[fix] Gaia DR2 number was displayed truncated (thank you Steve Stonebraker)
[fix] the number of items to display in Workbench lists was not according preferences 
[upd] Help text is normal style not all bold
[upd] other Arrakis (Mu Draconis) designations
[upd] improved SkySafari export routine, will match more doubles. Thank you Bill Tschumy

StelleDoppie version 2.7

[new] a new tab Components was added, to show single star component
      data, infos and catalogs.
[new] double entry table with distances and position angles
      between components
[upd] Cartes du Ciel catalogs DSD, DSDv, DSDm
[fix] some virtual eyepiece could not be calculated because a
      component was missing
[fix] infrared band warning

StelleDoppie version 2.6
[upd] a new layout adapts tables to windows size, or more space for data
[upd] orbits are now displayed as blue dots, not connected with lines.
      There's a serius problem with trigonometric functions precision in the language.
      I gave up. This may not be the best display solution but avoid the 
     "spaghetti orbits" effect (i.e. Zet Boo)
[new] added a popup on the right column to change list format on the fly. This is the
      same found in Setup->Preferences->List Type, but I felt uncomfortable to play with. 
      I recall you can create you own custom columns list if you login.
[fix] Excel export was not ordered as the list shown
[fix] some GAIA codes where interpreted as numbers when exporting to Excel, rounded (!)
[fix] ordering by modification date (date_mod) did not worked properly
[fix] some minor issues fixed
[upd] WDS and all related databases are now updated to the latest version.

Stelle Doppie 2.5 features Gaia DR2. This release is dedicated to our friend Fabio Bocci, recently passed away.

StelleDoppie version 2.4

[new] internet domain
[new] https (encrypted connection)
[fix] small bugs fixed in Complete tab for Aladin CDS image
[fix] small visualization errors
[fix] DEC was ignored in advanced searches, and lists saved where huge
[upd] RA,DEC input field as free-text input rather than popups
[new] RA,DEC accepts both sexagesimal and decimal degrees
[new] RA,DEC "between" function in searches
[upd] updated databases
[upd] switched to a new server

StelleDoppie version 2.3

[new] in Misc->Discoverer, a filter to speedup search of discoverer was implemented
[upg] graphical routines upgraded
[new] a new filter: physical. Other than WDS flags, I use rPM information here to
      estimate doubles phisically bound
[new] a legend for color codes was add in orbit graph
[new] in advanced search, a "not equal" option  was added in the popup list.
      Because in Database one can confuse the filters, when a "not equal" is selected
      the filter will became red
[fix] adding a text list to an existing one was broke
[fix] in some cases, a not-standard list was exported as standard in Excel
[new] export to Italian-language Excel (we use commas instead of dots as floating point
[upd] merge lists now defaults last modified lists
[new] custom list - column in lists are user-definible selecting "custom list" in

StelleDoppie version 2.2

[upd] all catalogs where updated to latest release
[new] all lists can now be saved appending its content to an existing one
[fix] a bug prevented to delete a checked list during lists merge
[mod] improved the import script to dealt with null measures
[new] it is now possibile to edit identifiers one by one during list import
[new] ReducDat.txt files can be imported as list target
[fix] text typed where not corretly recognized during list import
[mod] a better search algorithm gives more chances to recognize doubles during import
[new] in Setup->Preferences, you can choose to show lists in NORMAL, WDS, FULL and COMPACT mode.
In COMPACT mode, discov_num+comp are in one single field separated by one space, 
as in CDSA2.
[mod] hits in Populars view are not more shown
[fix] on iOS devices, numbers are no more recognized as telephone numbers to call

In version 2.1:

[mod] improved internal search to recognize doubles when importing text files
[mod] unified columns position with Reduc
[fix] corrected a bug in radius selection to include more doubles than required
[new] Misc tab: discoverer list, constellations, epoch calculator, downloads
[new] Workshop tab: all personal contributions (measurements, reports, lists) where moved here
[new] it is now possible to add an imported list to an existing one
[new] can import lists from Cartes du Ciel (CdC)
[new] precise rho,theta from WDS in Other Catalogs and Designations section
[new] new fresh CdC databases availables from this site in Misc->Downloads
[upd] updated all databases and references to latest releases

This is a minor update to the StelleDoppie web site release 2.0.1

[upd] latest WDS file and notes imported
[fix] user measures where trunked to one decimal, not two
[new] Cartes du Ciel (CdC) list export
[new] rPM calc roughly indicates if double is optical or physical

StelleDoppie version 2.0

The major release is due to deep changes in internal database structures.

[new] component's filter added in Images
[upd] Catalogs and Observations tabs now united in a new tab, Database.
[new] in Setup->Preferences, added a choice of default list to be displayed in Database tab
[upd] new title for recent populars doubles data visualization
[new] added commands to operate on lists in contributes, on the left
[fix] most short-period graphs now displayed correctly
[upd] sep_now and pa_now takes last position from orbital parameters if period > 3 years
[fix] star distances displayed as ly instead of parsecs, now displayed both
[new] long description for notes flags
[new] can now import external lists (!!!). You can add doubles one by one, or using a text file,
      or SkySafari .skylist files. This feature is well integrated in Stelledoppie lists export.
[new] export to Excel an entire list, not what's on the screen only
[fix] corrected a bug that prevented to correctly display a list after inserting a new record
[new] complete and extensive research in WDS NOTES (see Notes tab)
[fix] fixed PA and SEP in observing lists.

StelleDoppie release 1.4

[fix] large orbital periods had errors in calculating sep_now. Dates where not
      displayed in years. This is yet to be fully verified.
[fix] some lists where not related to a username and I was forced to delete
      them. I'm still investigating what happened.
      If you can't find some lists you created, you know why.
[fix] labels of dates in orbit graph are now visible
[new] !!! added virtual eyepiece inside Images tab as you select a double
      This is a feature I was dreaming for two years but never had time to
      implement it. Have fun, as I do!
[upd] complete lower-level rewrite due to upgrading to newer database library
[fix] fixed mag_sec = 0, void and not void searches
[mod] better search in left box. Now discov_num is recognized (i.e. STF,
      STRUVE, ...) and a generic search is not performed
[mod] updated Catalogs Help menu
[mod] updated Credits in Help menu
[new] My Catalog in Contributes (!) to search your own references in WDS notes.
      To support this feature, a new field for the assigned discoverer code
      was added in Setup->Preferences
      Free you ego!
[mod] My Lists also available as a menu in Contributes
[new] Users' Lists added in Contributes. You can enable to display your
      list using Shared checkbox in your lists setup. You can disable
      an other user's list to be displayed clicking the Option link,
      then click the Hide checkbox.
      Because your list names can became public, lists flag where modified
      to be NOT Shared. If you want to share a list, from this time on it's
      your choice. Please don't abuse or YOU'LL BE DELETED FROM THIS SITE.
      I have not time to moderate. No flames, no discussion, no comments,
      no stupid things at all. I trust your common sense.
[upd] code maintenance to clear language's deprecated functions
[new] a new filter in Catalogs to select Main Double only (AB)
[fix] flag "primaries only" in Neirborhoods now working as planned
[mod] in Neirborhoods, raised Limit from 50 to 100
[mod] in Advances Search, raised the Radius limit from 8 to r
[mod] standarized sequence in lists: ra,dec ; rho,theta ; sep,pa
[mod] reorganized double star WDS data to render things more clear

I worked hard in version 1.3 to implement a powerful lists management. I hope you'll enjoy it.

[mod] in advanced search, field boxes are of different sizes
[fix] a permission bug prevented a published report to be displayed to other users (thanx Gianluca)
[fix] fixed doubles seen in this section
[new] in Setup->Lists, now lists can be merged to create complex unions
[new] computed lists and searches can now be salved as a list
[fix] it was not possible to modify a report, and some fields could not be saved
[fix] in neirbourhood tab, a mouseover a red dot star shows again a comment
[mod] remarks field added to lists; description was renamed in title
[fix] fixed bad Orbit6 import, some values where truncated
[new] export to SkySafari for searches, user lists and computed lists.

Here is version 1.1 of stelledoppie. Thank you to Robert and Gianluca (not me!) for their bug reports.
[new] added Tycho-2 in simple Search box. BEWARE: this is experimental, I know some records are off.
[mod] left menu changed in Catalogs, added "Computed Lists" and "My Lists"
[new] "Doubles seen" list back online (requires login) 
[new] Besselian dates calculated in measures and reports
[new] list export to SkySafari
[fix] pa_now,sep_now calc fixed when Orbit6 was involved (7 Tau was 0.54" sep instead of 0.7")
[mod] Double star WDS data listed in 4 columns instead of 3 to improve reading
[fix] could not modify or delete reports and measures

It's time to consider the website stable, so I passed it to version 1.0. 

Here is a short list of updates and bug fixes. 

[new] flamsteed shows number and constellation, not only the number, ie 30 boo vs 30. 
[new] news ordered descendant by date 
[fix] table fix in orbital elements 
[fix] an .htaccess problem prevented new registrations and login/logouts 
[new] implemented References and Authors in Notes, a new database file imported by the WDS website 
[new] implemented "between" and "not between" to work in searches, using a comma to separate terms 
[fix] in neirborhood graph coordinates were inverted left-right. I know there's more work to be done here. 
[new] in advanced search, added date first and date last fields 
[new] in advanced search, added notes flags field, the one in the main WDS file. 
[new] the WDS import script was redesigned to minimize lost records (doubles that changed designation) 
[new] constellation (cst) column in lists 

I planned to implement a coord to clipboard feature but I realized it's a time-consuming task, so I solved 
modifying the coord_arcsec_2000 field layout leaving out the grade symbols to permit cut&paste without strange 
characters to be deal with. 

I was forced to do extra maintanance to the server and shutdown stelledoppie. Sorry for that.

WDS data where updated to latest version. Database size reached 120,000 records!!!

Updated the WDS dataset, Orbit6 and notes.

Coordinate calculations fixed. The neirborhoods systems graph and image center are now correct.

Updated the WDS dataset, Orbit6 and notes.

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