Catalogs to be used in Cartes du Ciel, ready to use. No need to use CatGen.
full WDS catalog (DSD)
Updated WDS catalog
Release 2023-08-18
Visual WDS catalog (DSDv)
Doubles with separation > 0.5" and magnitude < 16, easier to use when observing visually in any telescope.
Release 2023-08-18
Megrez WDS catalog (DSDm)
WDS catalog for small refractors: doubles with separation > 1.2" and magnitude < 13
Release 2023-08-18
Download the .zip file and extract somewhere on your disk drive.
Launch Cartes du Ciel, select Setup['Catalog']...->Catalog, click Add and go to the directory just extracted to select the .hdr file.
Do not move the directory. If you do, you'll have to add the catalog again.

You can have all those catalogs added to CdC, they have different names and directories. It is recommended to enable only one at once because you may experience double names displayed on the same object. To disable the builtin Washington Double Star catalog, uncheck the flag in Setup['Catalog']...
DSD is equivalent to the builtin WDS catalog, but here you may find a newer release.

For an article how to use CdC for double stars, read Il Bollettino delle Stelle Doppie #32, [52-59] (in italian).