WDS 02407+6117 STF 284AB - V482 CAS : NOTES
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STF 284 A is a Beta CMa-type variable, V482 Cas.
CHR 208 Both visual components were observed: A was resolved (CHR 208Aa,Ab),
B appeared to be single. Gies & Bolton (1986) found a large scatter Gie1986
in radial velocities (but could not find a suitable period), and this
suggests that at least one component may be a spectroscopic binary. Msn1998a
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CHR Center for High Ang. Res. Astronomy (speckle interferometry systems)
CHR (see papers by Hartkopf, Mason, McAlister, etc.)
Gie1986 - Gies, D.R. & Bolton, C.T. 1986ApJS...61..419G
Gie1986 ApJS 61, 419, 1986
Msn1998a Sc j Mason, B.D., Gies, D.R., Hartkopf, W.I., Bagnuolo, Jr., W.G., 1998AJ....115..821M
Msn1998a ten Brummelaar, T.A., & McAlister, H.A.
Msn1998a AJ 115, 821, 1998
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STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #1)
STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #2)
STF Struve, F.G.W.