WDS 19373+1628 H 6 26AB - EPS SGE : NOTES
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H 6 26 H VI 26. STTA185. eps Sge = 4 Sge. B is BD+16@3919.
AD: Baranov (1909) measured new companions at (303deg, 29.2", V=7.8) BnW1909
and (343deg, 160.8", V=9.5), in addition to a measure of the AB pair.
The wide pair was added to the WDS as H 2 26AD, but the 29" pair was
apparently ignored. A check on Aladin shows no hint of either of the
new companions. It appears that Baranov may have accidentally merged
his measure of H 6 26 with measures of the nearby pair 19394+1634 =
H N 84. His 29.2" measure agrees with other measures of that pair, and
a star in the field of H N 84 (V=11.9) matches his wide pair.
H 6 26AD has therefore been X-coded. Since the identification with
H N 84 is likely but not definite (and since the 12th magnitude star
near H N 84 appears to be a random field star), Baranov's measures
have not been added. Thanks to Steve Smith and John Nanson for
alerting us to this discrepancy.
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BnW1909 Ma - Baranov, W.A. .
BnW1909 Pub. Obs. Imp. Univ. Kasan #20, 1909
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H (Herschel DD - list 1)
H (Herschel DD - list 2)
H (Herschel DD - list 3)
H (Herschel DD - list 4)
H (Herschel DD - list 5)
H (Herschel DD - list 6)
H (Herschel DD - "new" list)
H Herschel, W.