WDS 18413+3018 STF2367AB : NOTES
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STF2367 Bidelman classifies AB as composite gK+A:.
Pourbaix gives combined solution for this resolved SB2, yielding Pbx2000b
orbital parallaxes and component masses.
Only elements P and T have been amended by Starikova (1977) from the Sta1977a
orbit of Baize (1950). Baz1950b
refcode metd author reference
Baz1950b orb - Baize, P. 1950JO.....33..125B
Baz1950b J. Obs. 33, 125-133, 1950
Pbx2000b orb - Pourbaix, D. 2000A&AS..145..215P
Pbx2000b A&AS 145, 215, 2000
Sta1977a orb - Starikova, G.A. 1977ATsir.961....7S
Sta1977a Astron. Tsirk. #961, 7, 1977
discov author
STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #1)
STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #2)
STF Struve, F.G.W.