WDS 17348+0601 PWS 16AK : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
STF2185 STTA154.
AC: Optical pair, based on study of relative motion of the components
using the method of apparent motion parameters. Kiy2008
BC: The 1912 observation was incorrectly attributed to a nonexistent Dob1927
AD component (apparently the result of an erroneous note in the ADS). A__1932a
Error noted by Burley & Kidd. GSU2002
AB: HJL 250. HJL1986
refcode metd author reference
A__1932a Ma - Aitken, R.G. 1932QB821.A43......
A__1932a Aitken Double Star Catalogue, 1932
Dob1927 Ma - Doberck, W.A. 1927QB821.D6.......
Dob1927 +Mb Erganz. AN 7, 1927
Dob1927 (catalog of measures 1875-1927; includes nearly all measures from earlier papers)
GSU2002 C w Wilson, J.W. et al. ...................
GSU2002 Georgia State University
GSU2002 (student projects by S. Lepkofker, W. Bernard, C. Barner, B. Brochstein, A.
GSU2002 Thomaston, W. Burley, and M. Kidd) Unpublished manuscripts in USNO Library
HJL1986 Pa - Halbwachs, J.L. 1986A&AS...66..131H
HJL1986 A&AS 66, 131, 1986
HJL1986 (Possible CPM pairs from AGK2/3. Coarse astrometry, incl. mean 1950 dates, added
HJL1986 only for previously unknown pairs. Table 1: HJL 1 - 326, Table 2: HJL1001 - 1113)
Kiy2008 - Kiyaeva, O.V., Kiselev, A.A. & Izmailov, I.S. 2008SvAL...32..405K
Kiy2008 SvAL 34, 405, 2008
discov author
PWS Pauwels, T. & Lampens, P.