WDS 14411+1344 H 6 104AB,C : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
STF1865 zet Boo = 30 Boo.
Spectral types and masses of components assigned by ten Brummelaar et
al., based on adaptive optics observations. TtB2000
See Baize & Petit (1989) catalog of doubles with variable component. Baz1989d
Errors for orbit of Alzner (2007) provided by author (private comm.) Alz2007
Hipparcos parallax yields a mass sum 7.95 Msun, rather high for a pair
of A0V stars. Increasing parallax by 1 sigma (1.24mas) yields a more
reasonable mass sum of 6.51 Msun, however.
Calculated mass sum is 122 +/- 275 Msun, unconstrained. Mut2010b
AB: Additional notes may be found in Fu et al. (1997) McA1997
AB: Malkov et al. (2012) derive dynamical, photometric, and
spectroscopic masses 5.60 +/- 1.66, 5.20, and 4.48 Msun, respectively. Mlk2012
H 6 104 H VI 104.
refcode metd author reference
Alz2007 orb - Alzner, A. 2007IAUDS.163....1A
Alz2007 Inf. Circ. 163, 1, 2007
Baz1989d - Baize, P. & Petit, M. 1989A&AS...77..497B
Baz1989d A&AS 77, 497, 1989
McA1997 Sc j Fu, H.-H., Hartkopf, W.I., Mason, B.D., McAlister, H.A., Dombrowski, E.G., & 1997AJ....114.1623F
McA1997 Franz, O.G.
McA1997 AJ 114, 1623, 1997
Mlk2012 not - Malkov, O.Yu., Tamazian, V.S., Docobo, J.A., & Chulkov, D.A. 2012A&A...546A..69M
Mlk2012 A&A 546, A69, 2012
Mut2010b Kp - Muterspaugh, M.W., Hartkopf, W.I., Lane. B.F., O'Connell, J., Williamson, M., 2010AJ....140.1623M
Mut2010b Kulkarni, S.R., Konacki, M., Burke, B.F., Colavita, M.M., Shao, M., &
Mut2010b Wiktorowicz, S.J.
Mut2010b AJ 140, 1623, 2010
TtB2000 Ac j ten Brummelaar, T.A., Mason, B.D., McAlister, H.A., Roberts, L.C., Jr., 2000AJ....119.2403T
TtB2000 Turner, N.H., Hartkopf, W.I., & Bagnuolo, W.G., Jr.
TtB2000 AJ 119, 2403, 2000 (magnitude differences from Mt. Wilson AO)
discov author
H (Herschel DD - list 1)
H (Herschel DD - list 2)
H (Herschel DD - list 3)
H (Herschel DD - list 4)
H (Herschel DD - list 5)
H (Herschel DD - list 6)
H (Herschel DD - "new" list)
H Herschel, W.