WDS 01350-2955 DAW 31AB - BB SCL : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
BU 1000 AB,C triple+var solution (AB in HIP). Sod1999
B is 0.47d eclipsing binary (= BB Scl).
See Baize & Petit (1989) catalog of doubles with variable component. Baz1989d
refcode metd author reference
Baz1989d - Baize, P. & Petit, M. 1989A&AS...77..497B
Baz1989d A&AS 77, 497, 1989
Sod1999 orb - Soderhjelm, S. 1999A&A...341..121S
Sod1999 A&A 341, 121, 1999
Tok2015c orb+j Tokovinin, A., Mason, B.D., Hartkopf, W.I., Mendez, R.A., & Horch, E.P. 2015AJ....150...50T
Tok2015c +St AJ 150, 50, 2015 (some measures corrected in Tok2017b) 2017AJ....154..110T
discov author
BU Burnham, S.W.
BU Bunham, S.W.