WDS 13550-0804 STF1788AC : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
STF1788 AB: A is SB, no orbit. A is X-ray source. Tok2014d
Hopmann's (1970) B and F are interchanged, and his orientational Hop1970
elements contain additional computing errors.
TOK 570 AE: AE can be optical (Pphys=0.24), but accepted because it is bright. Tok2014d
refcode metd author reference
Hop1970 orb - Hopmann, J. 1970OAWMN.178..217H
Hop1970 Astron. Mitt. Wien, #5, 217, 1970
Tok2014d E2 - Tokovinin, A. 2014AJ....147...86T
Tok2014d AJ 147, 86, 2014
discov author
STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #1)
STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #2)
STF Struve, F.G.W.