WDS 12272+2701 LEP 54AC : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
STF1643 A premature orbit has been computed. Omega and omega in Hopmann (1964) Hop1964b
have been flipped in the orbit catalog to better match observations.
Data appear equally well fit by rectilinear solution - see catalog.
refcode metd author reference
Hop1964b orb - Hopmann, J. 1964AnWie..26....1H
Hop1964b Ann. Sternw. Wien 26, #1, 1964
discov author
LEP Lepine, S., Wallace, D., Shara, M., Moffat, A., & Niemela, V.
LEP Lepine, S. & Bongiorno, B.
LEP Lepine, S., Rich, R.M., Shara, M.M., Cruz, K.L., & Skemer, A.
LEP Lepine, S.
LEP Lepine, S., Thorstensen, J.R., Shara, M.M. & Rich, R.M.