WDS 11111+3027 STT 231AD : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
STT 231 Mt. Wilson spectral types M1, M2, G5.
AB: NLTT 26534/26531 Chm2004
Pair was listed, but in a "rejected" list, not part of discoverer's
regular numbering sequence.
AB Hyperbolic orbit by Hopmann (1960). e = 575. Hop1960b
sigma = areal constant in the true orbit = 3.75 arcsec^2/yr
q = periastron distance in the true orbit = 33".73
All hyperbolic orbits rejected from Fourth Orbit Catalog Wor1983
AC: Optical pair, based on study of relative motion of the components
using the method of apparent motion parameters. Kiy2008
refcode metd author reference
Chm2004 E - Chaname, J. & Gould, A. 2004ApJ...601..289C
Chm2004 ApJ 601, 289, 2004
Chm2004 (Photometry, coordinates, and astrometry from rNLTT. Astrometry from early
Chm2004 versions of 2MASS and UCAC, with date given only as "circa 2000". Measures
Chm2004 identical to discovery observations - predominantly close pairs - were assumed
Chm2004 not new observations, so not included in WDS. Similar concerns when primary and
Chm2004 secondary magnitudes or proper motions were the same.)
Hop1960b orb - Hopmann, J. 1960MiWie..10..227H
Hop1960b Mitt. Sternw. Wien 10, 227-256, 1960
Kiy2008 - Kiyaeva, O.V., Kiselev, A.A. & Izmailov, I.S. 2008SvAL...32..405K
Kiy2008 SvAL 34, 405, 2008
Wor1983 - Worley, C.E. & Heintz, W.D. 1983PUSNO..24g...1W
Wor1983 Pub. USNO 24, Pt. 7, 1983 (Fourth Orbit Catalog)
discov author
STT (O. Struve DD - Appendix list)
STT Struve, O.