WDS 01158+0947 A 2102 : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
A 2102 Quadrant change. Not seen 1948 - 1954.
refcode metd author reference
RAO2015 Ag u Riddle, R.L., Tokovinin, A., Mason, B.D., Hartkopf, W.I., Roberts, L.C., Jr., 2015ApJ...799....4R
RAO2015 +orb Baranec, C., Law, N.M., Bui, K., Burse, M.P., Das, H.K., Dekany, R.G.,
RAO2015 Kulkarni, S., Punnadi, S., Ramaprakash, A.N., & Tendulkar, S.P.
RAO2015 ApJ 799, 4, 2015
RAO2015 (Note: Paper includes separation/magnitude difference limits for all stars
RAO2015 observed. These limits have been added to the Interferometric Catalog even for
RAO2015 resolved pairs, to indicate restrictions on any potential additional components.)
discov author
A AJ 17, 27, 1896 (most data also in A__1914d)
A Aitken, R.G.