WDS 00369+3343 H 5 17AC : NOTES
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H 5 17 pi And = 29 And. H V 17. STTA 4. BDS 263, HJ 1030 identical.
A is a spectroscopic binary, P = 143.6d. B is BD +32@102.
MKT 1 Aa,Ab: Hummel et al. (1995) visual orbit is based on astrometry from MkT1995
the Mark III interferometer. Additional spectroscopic data yield
masses, luminosities, radii, effective temperatures, and distance.
Hipparcos astrometric solution adopted some elements from the orbit of HIP1997d
Hummel et al. (1995). MkT1995
Aa,Ab: Malkov et al. (2012) derive dynamical, photometric, and
spectroscopic masses 11.98 +/- 2.06, 11.18, 4.79 Msun, respectively. Mlk2012
RBR 3 Aa,Ac: PA for 2001.7424 observation is measured in zenith mode. If
data collected in equatorial mode, PA = 97.6. Confirmation of the pair
should establish the proper value for theta. Rbr2007
refcode metd author reference
HIP1997d orb - Hipparcos 1997yCat.1239....0E
HIP1997d Hipparcos Catalog, ESA SP-1200, 1997
HIP1997d (DMSA/O Orbital Solutions)
MkT (Mark III Interferometer)
MkT1995 Km j Hummel, C.A., Armstrong, J.T., Buscher, D.F., Mozurkewich, D., Quirrenbach, A., & 1995AJ....110..376H
MkT1995 +orb Vivekanand, M.
MkT1995 AJ 110, 376, 1995
Mlk2012 not - Malkov, O.Yu., Tamazian, V.S., Docobo, J.A., & Chulkov, D.A. 2012A&A...546A..69M
Mlk2012 A&A 546, A69, 2012
Rbr2007 A j Roberts, L.C., Jr., Turner, N.H., & ten Brummelaar, T.A. 2007AJ....133..545R
Rbr2007 AJ 133, 545, 2007
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H (Herschel DD - list 1)
H (Herschel DD - list 2)
H (Herschel DD - list 3)
H (Herschel DD - list 4)
H (Herschel DD - list 5)
H (Herschel DD - list 6)
H (Herschel DD - "new" list)
H Herschel, W.