WDS 19444+3903 KOI 5032 : NOTES
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idgroup discov author
1 KOI "Kepler Object of Interest" (transiting exoplanet candidate of Kepler mission.
19 KOI Hirsch, L.A., Ciardi, D.R., Howard, A.W., Everett, M.E., Furlan, E., Saylors, M.,
19 KOI Horch, E.P., Howell, S.B., Teske, J., & Marcy, G.W.
coord_2000 discov_num comp epoch obs pa sep mag_pri mag_sec spectr notes coord_arcsec_2000
19444+3903 KOI5032 2010 1 177 1.9 12.90 18.30 K 194424.86+390322.4

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