WDS 17457-2900 GHE 46A,XF : NOTES
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Sgr A* Semimajor axis in mpc was converted to arcseconds based on a quoted Eck2002
distance of 8 kpc. Errors for Eck2002 orbits are as follows: Sel2002
Element Sgr A* - S1 Sgr A* - S2 Sgr A* - S8 Sel2003
P (yr) 100. +184/-54 19.4 +7.4/-3.0 57. +1060/-0
a (mpc) 18. +18./-8. 5.6 +0.7/-1.1 10. +48./-0.
a (arcsec) 0.46 +0.46/-0.21 0.14 +0.02/-0.03 0.26 +1.24/-0.00
i (deg) 60. +/-5. 70. +6./-17. 0. +/-70.
Omega (deg) -14. +7./-12. 23. +27./-11. -65.:
T (by) 2097 +281/-96 2002.6 +6.8/-22. 2043 +1060/-0
e 0.6 +/-0.3 0.8 +0.15/-0.40 0.95 +0./-0.12
omega (deg) 190. +120/-10 190. +/-10. -55. +32/-0
Note: This system has grown more complex as additional stars orbiting
the Galactic Center have been observed. With the number of companions
now exceeding 170, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain
the usual WDS designation/component scheme. All WDS pairs were
therefore copied to the WDSS (WDS supplemental catalog) in July 2017;
henceforth the standard published designations for Sgr A* companions
will be used for all components.
refcode metd author reference
Eck2002 Si - Eckart, A., Genzel, R., Ott, T., & Schoedel, R. 2002MNRAS.331..917E
Eck2002 +S MNRAS 331, 917, 2002
Eck2002 +orb (NTT 3.5m + SHARP speckle, Keck 9.8m + NIRC IR camera)
Ghe2003 orb - Ghez, A.M., Duchene, G., Matthews, K., Hornstein, S.D., Tanner, A., Larkin, J., 2003ApJ...586L.127G
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Sel2003 +A ApJ 596, 1015, 2003
discov author
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