WDS 00016-0102 WIS 1 : NOTES
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refcode metd author reference
WIS WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) .
WIS2010 Hw - Wright, E.L., Eisenhardt, P.R.M., Mainzer, A.K., Ressler, M.E., Cutri, R.M., 2010AJ....140.1868W
WIS2010 Jarrett, T., Kirkpatrick, J.D., Padgett, D., McMillan, R.S., Skrutskie, M.,
WIS2010 Stanford, S. A., Cohen, M., Walker, R.G., et al.
WIS2010 AJ 140, 1868, 2010
WIS2010 (Note: default date of 2010.5 given for all measures)
WIS2012 Hw - Cutri, R.M., Wright, E.L., Conrow, T., Bauer, J., Benford, D., Brandenburg, H., 2012yCat.2311....0C
WIS2012 Dailey, J., Eisenhardt, P.R.M., Evans, T., Fajardo-Acosta, S., Fowler, J.,
WIS2012 Gelino, C., et al.
WIS2013 Hw j Cutri, R.M. et al. 2013yCat.2328....0C
WIS2013 AllWISE Data Release. Vizier On-line Data Catalog: II/328
WIS2014 Hw j Kirkpatrick, J.D., Schneider, A., Fajardo-Acosta, S., Gelino, C.R., Mace, G.N., 2014ApJ...783..122K
WIS2014 Wright, E.L., Logsdon, S.E., McLean, I.S., Cushing, M.C., Skrutskie, M.F.,
WIS2014 Eisenhardt, P.R., Stern, D., et al.
WIS2014 ApJ 783, 122, 2014 (AllWISE Motion Survey, part 1)
WIS2016 Hw j Kirkpatrick, J.D., Kellogg, K., Schneider, A.C., Fajardo-Acosta, S., Cushing, M., 2016ApJS..224...36K
WIS2016 +E2 Greco, J., Mace, G.N., Gelino, C.R., Wright, E.L., Eisenhardt, P.R.M., Stern, D.,
WIS2016 Faherty, J.K., et al.
WIS2016 ApJS 224, 36, 2016 (AllWISE Motion Survey, part 2)
coord_2000 discov_num comp epoch obs pa sep mag_pri mag_sec spectr notes coord_arcsec_2000
00016-0102 WIS 1 2010 3 234 999.9 15.90 17.00 V R 000136.89-010136.8
00016-0102 WIS 1 2016 4 234 999.9 15.90 17.00 V R 000136.89-010136.8

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