WDS 04078+6220 DBR 58PA,PB : NOTES
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ES 2603 SZ Cam
STF 485 The classification is from Chocol (1980 Bull. Astron. Inst. Czech. 31,
CHR 209 321). The discovery of speckle companion CHR 209 Ea,Eb with a period
WSI 20 of some 60 y confirms the third body model advocated by Mayer et al.
HZG 2 (1994 A&A 288, L13) based on the appearance of the spectrum and
HLM 3 variations in the time of light curve minimum (they suggest a third
body period of 50.7 y). Another light curve solution is given by
Harries et al. (1998 MNRAS 295, 386). The B component was also
observed and appeared to be single. Classification of the B component
is from the WDS. Msn1998a
This complex multiple system has had numerous identification errors
due to various difficulties. The diagram of Lewis in his catalog of L__1906b
the Struve pairs, which seemed a good first step, was hampered by the
quadrant error of the pair he designated Ca. This quadrant error was
repeated in the ADS, IDS, and in earlier editions of the WDS. In the
ADS (where this pair is listed as #2984, but note that #2989 is part
of this system, too) the errors multiplied. The pair Holmes AF (WDS
designation HLM 3AF) is apparently the same as STF 485Ac. Inspection
of scanned images of this region of the sky have allowed the
Hertzsprung pairs (HZG 2) whose components are given within
quotation marks in the ADS to be identified. Of the HZG pairs, the
"CD" pairing is the same as STF 484AC and the "CE" pairing is the
same as STF 484AB. The ADS note to the "AJ" pairing of HZG 2 is a
typographical error. The correct position angle is 77 degrees, which
corresponds to the AD (now AO) pair. Below outlines the changes from
the WDS 2001.0 to the current version.
ES 2603Aa ---> ES 2603AB
STF 485Ab ---> STF 485AC
STF 485Ac ---> STF 485AD
STF 485AB ---> STF 485AE
STF 485BE ---> STF 485EF
STF 485 ---> STF 485EG (formerly STF 485B to STF 484A)
STF 484AB ---> STF 484GH
STF 484AC ---> STF 484GI
STF 485Bb ---> STF 485EC
HLM 3AF ---> STF 485AD
STF 485AD ---> STF 485AO
STF 485 ---> STF 485AL (formerly STF 485A to HLM 3A)
HLM 3AB ---> HLM 3LM
HZG 2AC ---> STF 484AI
HZG 2AD ---> STF 484AG
HZG 2AE ---> STF 484AH
HZG 2AG ---> HZG 2AN
HZG 2BC ---> STF 484EI
HZG 2BE ---> STF 484EH
HZG 2CD ---> STF 484GI
HZG 2CE ---> STF 484HI
HZG 2JK ---> HZG 2OP
HZG 2 ---> HZG 2JK
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CHR Center for High Ang. Res. Astronomy (speckle interferometry systems)
CHR (see papers by Hartkopf, Mason, McAlister, etc.)
L__1906b Ma - Lewis, T. 1906MmRAS..56....1L
L__1906b +orb MemRAS 56, 1906
Msn1998a Sc j Mason, B.D., Gies, D.R., Hartkopf, W.I., Bagnuolo, Jr., W.G., 1998AJ....115..821M
Msn1998a ten Brummelaar, T.A., & McAlister, H.A.
Msn1998a AJ 115, 821, 1998
WSI (Washington Speckle Interferometer)
discov author
DBR Debackere, A.
DBR Debackere, A. & Lepine, T.