WDS 18181-1215 SS 7AI : NOTES
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TRN 27 The image rotator was in an unknown state, so two possible theta
values are listed for the 2001.7447 observation - one for zenith up
and one for north up. Trn2008
HD 167971 Leitherer et al. (1987 A&A 185, 121) argue that this is a triple
system consisting of a close eclipsing pair and a brighter, distant O
star; the spectral classification presumably applies to the latter
star. Msn1998a
DBK 1 Aa,Ab: System includes a 3.3d eclipsing binary, unresolved in the VLTI
observations. De Becker et al. (2012) assume the components of the
close pair are both O6.5V, and the wide component is O8I. V=7.35 for
the system yields a distance of about 1.8 kpc, in good agreement with
the 1.7 kpc distance determined by Reipurth (2008 Handbook of Star
Forming Regions, vol 2, 590) for the NGC 6604 open cluster. The Aa,Ab
orbit is thought to be very eccentric. DBk2012
refcode metd author reference
DBk2012 Kv j De Becker, M., Sana, H., Absil, O., Le Bouquin, J.-B., & Blomme, R. 2012MNRAS.423.2711D
DBk2012 +orb MNRAS 423, 2711, 2012
Msn1998a Sc j Mason, B.D., Gies, D.R., Hartkopf, W.I., Bagnuolo, Jr., W.G., 1998AJ....115..821M
Msn1998a ten Brummelaar, T.A., & McAlister, H.A.
Msn1998a AJ 115, 821, 1998
Trn2008 Ac j Turner, N.H., ten Brummelaar, T.A., Roberts, L.C., Mason, B.D., Hartkopf, W.I., & 2008AJ....136..554T
Trn2008 +E2 Gies, D.R.
Trn2008 +A AJ 136, 554, 2008
Trn2008 (Note: For some observations the image derotator was in an unknown state. In these
Trn2008 cases the theta value is either left blank or two possible values are listed - one
Trn2008 for zenith up and one for north up. For unresolved objects, the listed rho value
Trn2008 is the FWHM of the corrected stellar PSF. Larger FWHM values are indicative of
Trn2008 poorer seeing and/or non-optimal AO system tuning.)
discov author
SS Sharpless, S.