WDS 00592+0151 UC 479 : NOTES
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refcode metd author reference
UC USNO CCD Astrographic Catalog (UCAC1, UCAC2, UCAC3, UCAC4) ...................
UC_2013a Eu j Zacharias, N., Finch, C.T., Girard, T.M., Henden, A., Bartlett, J.L., Monet, D.G., 2013AJ....145...44Z
UC_2013a & Zacharias, M.I. (UCAC4 Catalog)
UC_2013a AJ 145, 44, 2013
UC_2013b Eu j Hartkopf, W.I., Mason, B.D., Finch, C.T., Zacharias, N., Wycoff, G.L., & Hsu, D. 2013AJ....146...76H
UC_2013b AJ 146, 76, 2013 (UC 301 - 5058)
UC_2013b (Relative astrometry is derived from individual measurements, not precessed means.
UC_2013b UCAC aperture magnitudes are listed, unless the duplicity flag indicates a blended
UC_2013b image (a flag value of 30 or higher). Model fit magnitudes are given for both
UC_2013b components if either has such a flag. Model fit magnitudes are indicated by the
UC_2013b letter "f" following the filter information.
UC_2013b APASS photometry extracted from UCAC4 catalog is listed under reference AAV2012.
UC_2013b Due to aperture method used, APASS photometry is only included for pairs wider
UC_2013b than 10" (Henden, private comm.) Photometry for pairs wider than 10" which showed
UC_2013b identical values for both components in all filters were removed, as well.
UC_2015 Eu - Zacharias, N., Finch, C.T., Subasavage, J.P., Bredthauer, G., Crockett, C., 2015AJ....150..101Z
UC_2015 DiVittorio, M., Ferguson, E., Harris, F., Harris, H.C., Hendon, A., Kilian, C.,
UC_2015 Munn, J., Rafferty, T., Rhodes, A., Schultheis, M., Tilleman, T., & Wieder, G.
UC_2015 AJ 150, 101, 2015
UC_9999 Eu - temporary UCAC files ...................
coord_2000 discov_num comp epoch obs pa sep mag_pri mag_sec spectr notes coord_arcsec_2000
00592+0151 UC 479 2000 2 348 27.5 14.90 15.30 V 005910.22+015100.4
00592+0151 UC 479 2010 3 348 27.5 14.87 15.29 V 005910.22+015100.4
00592+0151 UC 479 2015 4 348 27.5 14.87 15.29 V 005910.22+015100.4
00592+0151 UC 479 2016 8 348 27.5 14.87 15.29 V 005910.22+015100.4

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