WDS 03135+4417 ES 559 : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
ES 559 Also known as LDS9147, LDS6147, and LDS2836. These were all recognized
by John Greaves (personal corres.) to be the same pair.
NLTT 10231/10232 Chm2004
refcode metd author reference
Chm2004 E - Chaname, J. & Gould, A. 2004ApJ...601..289C
Chm2004 ApJ 601, 289, 2004
Chm2004 (Photometry, coordinates, and astrometry from rNLTT. Astrometry from early
Chm2004 versions of 2MASS and UCAC, with date given only as "circa 2000". Measures
Chm2004 identical to discovery observations - predominantly close pairs - were assumed
Chm2004 not new observations, so not included in WDS. Similar concerns when primary and
Chm2004 secondary magnitudes or proper motions were the same.)
discov author
ES Espin, T.E.