WDS 09339+1530 BPM 562 AB : NOTES
discov_num notes refcode
BPM 562 A is also a 3.1d spectroscopic binary. Tok2019b
[PM2000] 948128 + [PM2000] 948150. Gvr2010
refcode metd author reference
Gvr2010 Pa - Gavras, P. Sinachopoulos, D., Le Campion, J.F., & Cucourant, C. 2010A&A...521A 4G
Gvr2010 +T A&A 521, A4, 2010
Gvr2010 (Note: mean measures from AC2000.2, CdC2000, USNO-A2.0, Yellow Sky, and M2000
Gvr2010 catalogs, spanning years ~1900-2000)
Tok2019b not j Sperauskas, J., Deveilkis, V. & Tokovinin, A. 2019A&A...626A..31S
Tok2019b A&A 626 A31, 2019
idgroup discov author
1 BPM Bordeaux PM2000 catalogue (main catalog: separation < 2')
74 TOK Tokovinin, A., Cantarutti, R., Tighe, R., Schurter, P., van der Bliek, N.,
74 TOK Martinez, M., & Mondaca, E.
139 TOK Tokovinin, A., Corbett, H., Fors, O., Howard, W., Law, N.M., Moe, M.,
139 TOK Ratzloff, J. & Walter, F.M.
coord_2000 discov_num comp epoch obs pa sep mag_pri mag_sec spectr notes coord_arcsec_2000
09339+1530 BPM 562 AB 2015 9 48 34.2 9.48 14.53 G0 NVW 093352.47+152931.6

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