WDS 16429+3855 STF2093AB - ETA HER : NOTES
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STF2093 eta Her = 44 Her. Aa in direction of C and 2/3 the distance.
Fainter than C.
Smyth suspected a close companion to A (1842.53, 150deg, 0".3) but Smy1844
this pair has never been confirmed by larger telescopes.
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Smy1844 Ma - Smyth, W.H. 1844QB43.S66.......
Smy1844 Cycle of Celestial Objects 2, 1844
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STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #1)
STF (F. Struve DD - Appendix list #2)
STF Struve, F.G.W.