WDS 11053-2718 LDS6238AC : NOTES
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FIN 47 chi 1 Hya.
Masses and bolometric magnitudes are derived for the two components of Msn1999a
this system by Mason et al. (1999), based on assumed spectral types
and available parallaxes.
Hipparcos astrometric solution adopted some elements from the orbit of HIP1997d
van den Bos (1957). B__1957a
A new orbital analysis of this system is in progress, some three
decades after van den Bos published his solution. Hrt1996b
AB: Malkov et al. (2012) derive dynamical, photometric, and
spectroscopic masses 3.79 +/- 0.19, 2.70, and 1.41 Msun, respectively. Mlk2012
refcode metd author reference
B__1957a orb - van den Bos, W.H. 1957CiUO..116..289V
B__1957a Union Obs. Johannesburg Circ. 116, 289-291, 1957
HIP1997d orb - Hipparcos 1997yCat.1239....0E
HIP1997d Hipparcos Catalog, ESA SP-1200, 1997
HIP1997d (DMSA/O Orbital Solutions)
Hrt1996b Sc j Hartkopf, W.I., Mason, B.D., McAlister, H.A., Turner, N.H., Barry, D.J., Franz, . 1996AJ....111..936H
Hrt1996b O.G., & Prieto, C.M
Hrt1996b AJ 111, 936, 1996
Mlk2012 not - Malkov, O.Yu., Tamazian, V.S., Docobo, J.A., & Chulkov, D.A. 2012A&A...546A..69M
Mlk2012 A&A 546, A69, 2012
Msn1999a Su j Mason, B.D., Douglass, G.G., & Hartkopf, W.I. 1999AJ....117.1023M
Msn1999a +orb AJ 117, 1023, 1999
discov author
LDS Luyten p.m. catalog (from additional DD list)