WDS 03492+2403 HL 29AG : NOTES
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STF 453 Primary is Pleiades star Atlas = 27 Tau = Melotte 22 #2168
Position angles scattered. Distances range from "single" to 0.6". Some
question duplicity. A is a long-period spectroscopic binary.
MKT 12 Aa1,Aa2: Hipparcos astrometric solution assumed circular orbit (e =
omega = 0). HIP1997d
Pan et al. (2004) orbit is based on Mark III and PTI measures. A PTI2004
distance to the Pleiades of 135 +/- 2 pc is determined. Masses for the
components are calculated as 4.90 +/- 0.28 and 3.65 +/- 0.08 Msun.
Zwahlen et al. (2004) orbit is based on published Mark III and PTI Zwa2004
measures, plus additional Mark III and NPOI astrometric data and
ELODIE echelle spectra. This combined spectroscopic/interferometric
solution yields masses of 4.74 +/- 0.25 and 3.42 +/- 0.25 Msun; the
distance 132 +/- 4 pc found agrees with "traditional" Pleiades
distances obtained through MS fitting techniques.
Aa1,Aa2: Malkov et al. (2012) derive dynamical, photometric, and
spectroscopic masses 5.68 +/- 0.79, 6.68, and 3.31 Msun, respectively. Mlk2012
refcode metd author reference
HIP1997d orb - Hipparcos 1997yCat.1239....0E
HIP1997d Hipparcos Catalog, ESA SP-1200, 1997
HIP1997d (DMSA/O Orbital Solutions)
MkT (Mark III Interferometer)
Mlk2012 not - Malkov, O.Yu., Tamazian, V.S., Docobo, J.A., & Chulkov, D.A. 2012A&A...546A..69M
Mlk2012 A&A 546, A69, 2012
PTI2004 Kp j Pan, X., Shao, M., & Kulkarni, S.R. 2004Natur.427..326P
PTI2004 +orb Nature 427, 326, 2004
Zwa2004 Km j Zwahlen, N., North, P., Debernardi, Y., Eyer, L., Galland, F., Groenewegen, M.A., 2004A&A...425L..45Z
Zwa2004 +Kn & Hummel, C.A.
Zwa2004 +orb A&A 425, L45, 2004
discov author
HL Hall, A.